The Not Today, MS Podcast

Nora Gocking was a 350 pound, 34 year old, mother of two when she was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. She and her husband, Brian, decided then and there to make major changes to their health. After losing 180 pounds and 50 pounds respectively, Nora and Brian picked up running. Listen in each Friday as Nora and Brian discuss faith, MS, running, and healthy eating.

Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 preview! Tune in September 6th!

We talk about some random things from summer treats to health and beauty tricks to our favorite Netflix shows. Season 2 coming this fall!! Instagram: nottodayms1

We discuss our journey to complete our first marathon! We discuss our training plan, some ups and downs during training and how race day went for us. We also have a couple of very special guests joining us to discuss the start of their running and first 5K! Instagram: nottodayms1

We had a conversation with MS runner Robert Moore. Read more about him on Facebook at Run Through MS Instagram: nottodayms1

Meet Elizabeth Ray and find out some great information about Whole30! Instagram: Nottodayms1

Nora and Brian discuss their faith and how it has provided comfort and joy. Also hear some MS news and favorite summer recipes. Instagram: nottodayms1

Nora and Brian discuss initial MS research after diagnosis, favorite foods and how their new way of eating has impacted their running. Instagram:nottodayms1

Meet Nora and Brian Gocking and learn who we are and how long we have been fighting M.S. Instagram:nottodayms1

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